Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Alison Glass Giveaway (and a sneaky christmas bundle)

Look at what arrived though my letter box today! I love all floppy parcels, but this bundle of Alison Glass fabrics from Don't Call Me Besty's Blog, is the most exciting thing to drop onto doormat in ages. Isn't it lovely!

On a cold, dark autumnal night, it's made the house seem instantly warmer and brighter.  I'm dying to get sewing with this - a few Christmas pillows for some loved ones need making. I just need to get a move on with the rest of my to do pile first!

And here's anther little thing I couldn't resist. Christmas bunting anyone?

If only there were more hours in the day to sew. What with work, little ones with colds and the nights drawing in, sewing time is far too scarce.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Back in Action

After a long trip to a friend of a friend, my machine's now back in action, in fact it's better than ever and running like a dream. All for the price of a case of beer

I've sewn up my bright baby quilt, it's pieced and quilted just waiting for the binding now - No photo's to share of this just yet, the lovely little man's mum needs to see it first.

And I've been busy sorting out fabrics for my nephew's and niece's christmas presents. This Camelot Cotton Star Wars Panel's all chopped up, with some Kona solids for the stripes. My colour card got put to some good use. I'm looking forward to getting it all sewn up, now. Fingers crossed it'll go well (my bright baby quilt is a bit on the wonky side)

Star Wars Stripes

Spring Green Yoda

And I've picked out the lilac fabrics for my niece's quilt. Do you like them?  I love the butterflies and birds in flight, and the solids are looking good. I'm thinking of having the whole quilt as one giant block, a log cabin or a half square triangle probably. I'm a bit nervous about keeping the triangles nice and straight though - any distortions are going to show up big time. Tips welcome!

It's lovely to be on a roll after such a long hiatus - especially as the nights are drawing in.