Monday, 18 November 2013

The House Of Sickness

Very little sewing going on in my little part of the world just now as we're into week three of sickness, tonsilitus, followed up with a nice dose of 'flu.

In a brief window of health my mother in law came a-visiting and brought some embroidered Star Wars Characters along with her. They're hiding out in the cupboard. Finger crossed they'll be jumping on the back of my Star Wars creation in the not too distant future. As you can see - the top still needs a bit of work.

But I can share photos of my baby rainbow quilt finally. What do you think?

Rainbow Stripe - this shows the colours fairly well.

Diagonal quilting

Hills and Dales for binding and the back

I love it!

The points on the half square triangles don't match well and  the quilting's a bit wobbly too (my walking foot doesn't fit my new machine!), but check out those great fabrics! The rainbow is mainly a colour wheel bundle from The Surly Sheep, with a few bits added in to make up the numbers and the binding and backing is Hills and Dales from Robert Kaufman.

I'm also tickled pink with my improved technical ability - the binding was made and went on with no problems, and I even got the fabric on the back properly lined up

I also did my first ever link up to bloggy things too - le-challenge theme for November was stripes and I got a few flickr pics up in time. Next month the theme is precious for anyone wanting to join the fun.

Sharing this and looking at my pics has cheered me right up, so I'll leave you with a close up.
What's not to love :D