Monday, 14 December 2015

10 months since I last posted!

Thanks to le-challenge for the boost to get me to blog again. This months theme is space.

Le Challenge

I had great anticipation for getting a bit more crafty time and head space this year; my Little One was in nursery every morning until the summer, then in school from September and my Big Boy was turning 6, surely he would be more independent than ever!

The theory was great, in fact life has got in the way. My husband got made redundant and I took on one bit of overtime on my part time job, then increased my days again, then took on even more so I've been working 5 days and trying to fit in life with kids, family, friends and work.

Space for me and crafting have took a back seat.

Life for 2016 is not looking like it's going to run any smoother, but space to be my creative self is important too, and this month I reclaimed a bit. I've finished off my lovely sunny butterfly mini quilt.

The pattern is English Paper Piecing from mud, pies and pins. The fabric is from a moda scrap pack, plus a few scraps from my stash. The hand quilting and piecing is all mine!

It's been my first proper go at hand quilted in all that negative space too. The line loops and meanders as if tracing the butterfly's flight path. I wish the photo showed if better!