Other Makes


Flower Fairy Bag 1
Flower Fairy Bay 2
Tea time play mat for Rosie
Back of the play mat
Crochet Wrist Warmers
Action Shot

Fruit Ninja Mini Quilt
Fruit Ninja: Quilting Detail
Apple Mini Mug Rug
Back of Apple Mini Mug Rug - Quilting Detail


Christmas Table Runner for Jenny

Izzy's Advent Calendar, Angel
Izzy's Advent: Detail

Small Pressing Mat on one side

Small Design Wall on the other

Crochet Baby Blanket: It's my first and I'm proud of it
Woodland Height Chart: now brightening up my landing

Backyard Baby Bucket Hat
Honey Bee Bucket Hat

Quilted Gem, for a good frend

Creepy Doll with Angel Wing Pinafore

Doll Sleeping Bag

Bedside Book Sling: still in daily use

Scrappy Owls



Alphabet & Numbers

Lion's Mane

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