Friday, 16 January 2015

Here comes 2015

It's hit that part of the year I always struggle with - all the hectic lead up to Christmas and the warm fuzziness has gone, and now we've got to get back to normal and get through to spring. Added to this year by the loss of my great auntie Lucy at 91 and my husband's grandma, Edith at 88 over the holidays. Sad times.

Both women loved family occasions, and so despite the losses we carried on with enjoying time with family, near and far. But this years Christmas celebrations were interlaced with sadness and fond memories.

Surprisingly I did get some seasonal sewing was done on time for once,  Early December was a finish for Advent Calanders for the kids, and a table runner for my Sister-in-Law:

Then late December was a quilt for my niece that's taken over a year from start to end!

(I am super pleased with how the free motion quilting came out - check out the bubble quilting:

And since then a big fat nothing. Blergh. My daughter is now at nursery 5 mornings a week, so in theory I have 3 mornings to sort the house and let my creative juices run free. In fact I have 2 days working 3 days doing a double school run - 2 hours walking a day for me, 1 hour 30 for my 3 year old and 1 hour for my 5 year old. We're all a bit tired. And I'm really missing my girl. So maybe I'm not doing too badly.

Blogloving has come to the rescue today - Le Challenge for January is up, and this month's theme is Dots. Surely I can get something started, done and dusted by mid Feb?  Hopefuly it'll kickstart my crafting year.

Hunting through the last month's pictures for this has already cheered me up no end - Here are my lovely little ones, very proud of having decorated trees and iced cakes.

They're the best thing about any new year!
Le Challenge