Friday, 4 July 2014


Well over 12 months ago, I won a cute selection of charms from Pile O Fabric (thanks Alyssa!) and had a go at an improv feather. Ever since then the poor thing's been sat at the bottom of a pile of half finished bits and pieces. 

Last week I had a good old clear out, and there it was, right where I left it, just a little more wrinkly. In need of a rescue. 

So, some starch, spray baste and a little hand sewing later and here it is. my feather cushion.

I wanted to keep the quilting simple (and quick) so it's got a double line of green around the feather, just incase that hand stitching doesn't hold, and some nice wavy lines following the horizontal lines in the background print.

The left over batting I used is a cheap and cheerful offcut from my first quilt, and the high loft has given a lovely bumpy texture, great for hugging

You might have noticed there are no pictures of the zip.....

All in all, I think it's safe to say I need a bit more practise here. It's not pretty. I definitely need better idea of what I'm looking for when buying zips, more consideration of colour and maybe a good tutorial or three to get me started.

Thankfully, the zip ugliness is nicely hidden from view when the cushion's resting in it's new home, so it won't be spoiling my enjoyment one bit.

Linking up to Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts, and also Can i get whoop whoop  at confessions of a fabric addict. Thanks for the linky parties - knowing a few people might pop by and take a peek at what I've made keeps me motivated!

(the spaghetti sauce wielding other half failed to stain this one, but the 'it's a cushion' comment I got from him was distinctly underwhelming. Thank goodness for crafty friends and crafty online spaces!)



  1. Cute! I love that feather. I just took a pouch making class to try to become more zen about zippers. It half-worked. ;)

    1. Thanks guys. It has been suggested that a zipper foot may help too. My machine is a nightmare to get new feet for though, as it's too old. I may need to go back to envelope finishes for a while. Or maybe learn to do concealed zips, so no one but me knows how bad they are :D