Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Woodland Height Chart: A FMQ finish

The Finish

A month ago my mother in law asked how to free motion quilt on the machine she kindly got me last year. So I got out this cute height chart panel I'd picked up and long since hidden away. I'm so happy I did. The Husqvana Automatic I use is an old machine, but a lovely one. All those problems of bunching fabric, eyelash like loops on the back of the fabric and general difficulties in getting the lines of stitching where I wanted, were gone.

So, off I set, trying out lots of patterns I'd been admiring on pintrest blogloving. I did loops for the sky (hoping to add movement), a bark pattern for the tree and a bit of a sampler feel for the coloured blocks on the left.

I can't say the quilting is all that, but I'm really pleased to have finished it and got my first FMQ project under my belt.

The Creatures

The Free Motion Quilting

The Woodland Plants

Linking up to Fabric tuesday at quilt story and a late link to up to Finish it up Friday, as I really love this and want to share it!

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  1. Thanks Denise. I was nervous as I've done very little before. Glad to have taken the plunge - the only way is up :D