Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Quick Finish

I've had one of those moments where I've realised how far I've come in the last year on quilting.

My neighbour's had to go into hospital for surgery and is expecting to be in a few weeks. While I think the NHS is amazing and I'm incredibly grateful for the life saving work of the workers, there's no doubt that they are pretty dismal places to stay in, even for a few days.

I wanted to make something to make the place a bit less clinical for her, so grabbed some soft lilacs from my stash and in under a week have pressed, cut, sewn, basted, quilted and bound the quilt.

While a tumbler pattern and the quilting may be basic, I like the balance of the quilt, the corners meet beautifully and the quilting's got decent tension throughout, with only a few tiny puckers on the back. All of which would have been a real challenge this time last year and would have taken 3 or 4 times the time.

It's not life changing, it's never going to set the blogosphere alight, but it's a real pleasure to be able to take a small stack of fabric and make something for a really warm and friendly woman who's having tough time.


  1. What a sweet little quilt. I love these projects that show you just how far you've come. It's wonderful to whip out a little something for a friend in need of comfort. I love the purples, too! :)