Thursday, 15 May 2014

Le Challenge: Nature

Butterfly in Blue

Hello to anyone coming over from Le Challenge, Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day or Life Under Quilts!

Here' my butterfly in Blue.

Le Challenge's theme this month was Nature - a few spring time family walks and the release of this lovely EPP pattern by Mud Pies and Pins coincided nicely and my theme was chosen.

I wanted a delicate floaty feeling, so used some a liberty lawn scrap pack, but ran out part way through. Not great planning, but it did mean had to have a proper think about how to bring in a different style of fabric. I decided to make more of a contrast between the two wings, as the front and back often look different in real life. I found this love volume print in my stash where I could align the prints along the wing.

I got totally stuck on what background to use - in my mind I'd wanted a soft green print with lots of movement, as if it were flying in the spring grass, but nothing I had quite fitted the bill. Thanks to the comments from the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway visitors I decided on the navy, and here's the finished article. (Giveaway closed 16 May, Thanks to Jules for the super helpful comment - check your inbox!)
Blue Butterfly

I did a bit of hand quilting to keep it all together.

A super helpful commenter also suggested embroidery to try and stop the butterfly's head disappearing into the background, so I gave it a go. I kept it fairly subtle with a pale blue thread (blanket stitch, if I recall school home ecc classes properly). I may need to learn to do a bit more -  it was a great 'sitting in the garden watching my wee one on her bike' kind of activity.

Hand Quilting and Embroidery Detail

The giveway's still open, but as soon as it's closed and the winner picked I can finish this up completely

Winner choice is

  • Butterfly cushion, or
  • Butterfly wall hanging, or
  • 2 of the fat quarters below.

Blue and White
Blue Flowers
Ditzy Red Print

One's things for sure - I really enjoyed this little project and I will need to make more butterflies. I can picture a meadow full of small ones hanging in my kitchen

Le Challenge


  1. oh this is so pretty. Glad you picked the dark blue :-)

  2. beautiful work! your fabric choice for the back wing is fabulous, really gives the whole thing a lot of depth.

  3. Lovely design, I have not seen a patchwork butterfly before. Very original.

  4. Nice. I like the shape of wings with hand stitching on it.

  5. It turned out great with the darker background and I am glad I'm not the only one that didn't plan ahead and ran out of fabric ;)

  6. Nice butterfly, I like the darker fabric as well

  7. Oh Steph it's beautiful! I like the Navy because the butterfly shines :) A meadow in your kitchen sounds like a gorgeous idea!

  8. It is amazing Steph! Thanks for sharing on le challenge.

  9. this is lovely, I love anything to do with Liberty . Well done