Monday, 19 May 2014

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Winner

Thanks for all the great help with background choices guys! 

With the help of a random number generator (called Dave), we have a winner.

   'in response to I really like #4 right off the bat since the butterfly really pops out (the charcoal head does get a tiny bit lost but maybe some embroidery to bring it out). #5 is close but the pattern blends into the wings sometimes. But I may be bias because I think a navy pillow would look perfect on my cream colored couch in my charcoal grey living room ;) Thanks for the chance!, by Jules.'

  By coincidence this was the comment that tipped me over into choosing Navy, too.  The embroidery idea took hold and I'm sure will be used again when the fabric in my stash isn't quite right. a new skill to learn and a way to save the pennies = a win/win situation.

I'll be sure to add a picture here once I hear from Jules about how she'd like her prize

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